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Ancient Mariner

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Professional Maritime Project Consulting, Editing & Proofreading Services.

‘This Hermit good lives in that wood
Which slopes down to the sea.

How loudly his sweet voice he rears!

He loves to talk with marineres

That come from a far countree.’


- The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, 

   Samuel Taylor Coleridge




Ancient Mariner provides three main services in the maritime industry:

  • Consulting on all types of maritime projects;

  • Proofreading, translation and editing services for maritime proposals & project bidding purposes; and

  • Write-ups for marine incident reports, marine projects, project bidding, vessel licensing, government permit application purposes and more.

Ancient Mariner provides consulting services for all aspects of marine traffic & safety, vessel licensing, and maritime project bidding, with a thorough knowledge of local and international maritime regulations. From smaller projects concerning marine traffic safety in typhoon shelters to larger projects relating to MTIAs, marine safety or contingency plans, and marine traffic control centers for large land reclamation projects - such as those involving the construction of underwater/immersed tube tunnels, airports, or land for real estate - the Ancient Mariner has profound experience and expertise in managing these projects.


Proofreading and editing services on maritime businesses or academic proposals are also provided. Proposal write-up services are provided for selected maritime projects.


Project Advice
Revision, Translations & Proofreading
Marine Proposal



Founder & Managing Director - Mr. Joseph C. Y. TSANG

Based in Hong Kong, with over 40 years of experience in the maritime industry, Captain Tsang is a Master Mariner, former Principal Marine Officer of the Marine Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Senior Manager and Marine Consultant of the Airport Authority Hong Kong. He established an independent consultancy office in 2020 - The Ancient Mariner.


Marine Consultant - Mr. Tom Lung Tak CHENG

Currently on a secondment to work as a Marine Coordination Manager for the Hong Kong Offshore LNG Terminal project, the first ever LNG project in Hong Kong, Captain Cheng, is a Master Mariner, a qualified Search & Rescue Mission Coordinator, a former Senior Marine Officer of the Marine Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government. Captain Cheng has 40 years of experience in the maritime industry, 24 of which in the Marine Department of Hong Kong. He has been actively involved in assessing and evaluating the Marine Traffic Impact Assessment (MTIA) reports of many large-scale port infrastructure projects.

Strategic Communications Lead - 

Ms. Joanne T. TSANG

Graduate of International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science, with experience in managing public relations with individuals and corporations from various industries, Ms. Tsang acts as editor for all important proposals and documents, and facilitates business development via online content marketing efforts.


Project Manager - Mr. YEUNG Kin Fuk

Mr. Yeung, a former Senior Assistant Shipping Master of the Marine Department Hong Kong SAR, has over 30 years of experience in maritime related services, of which 20 years were with the Port Logistics Section of Marine Department. He has a thorough understanding of oil spill preparedness and response, as well as hands-on experience on oil spill incidents in Hong Kong Waters. His expertise and knowledge also covers governmental marine infrastructure, such as buoys and moorings within Hong Kong.

Project Coordinator and Content Writer - 


A graduate of the University of York in Biology, Ms. Underwood is responsible for project writing, with experience in project proposals and write-ups. She also facilitates communication between AMC, clients, and relevant parties to ensure effective collaboration and engagement.





[Project Advice] Captain Tsang, Marine Consultant - appointed by Airport Authority Hong Kong for the Third Runway Project (Feb 2017 - present)

Captain Tsang assessed and evaluated marine traffic impact proposals; supervised the operation of marine traffic control stations and typhoon evacuation operations; coordinated with stakeholders, including contractors, government officials and the boating community, to enhance safe surface navigations around the 650 hectare land reclamation works site of Airport Authority Hong Kong's Three-Runway System.


[Project Advice] Captain Cheng, Marine Coordination Manager - secondment to China Offshore Oil Engineering Company Limited (COOEC) for the Hong Kong Offshore LNG Terminal Project (Jan 2021 - present)

Captain Cheng acted as an advisor for COOEC regarding all marine issues, and coordinated all marine traffic-related activities with relevant stakeholders, including government departments, for the Hong Kong Offshore LNG Terminal Project. This is the first ever LNG project in Hong Kong, its complexity is heightened by its offshore nature.


[Marine Proposal] Ms. Tsang and Captain Tsang - writing of marine proposal for Chu Kong Transshipment & Logistics Co Ltd., to seek government permission for towing operation (Oct 2020)

A towing-voyage proposal for Chu Kong Transshipment & Logistics Co Ltd. was written, for submission to the Marine Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government. The proposal involved the towing of a mari-culture farm, the first ever in Hong Kong, for the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department. The proposal was approved by the Marine Department, and the towing operation was allowed to take place.


[Project Advice] Captain Tsang, Marine Advisor - appointed by IEC Boardwalk JV — Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) for the Boardwalk underneath Island Eastern Corridor Project (Jul 2021 - present)

Captain Tsang provided technical input on the feasibility of the marine proposal, and helped liaise and coordinate meetings with relevant stakeholders. Captain Tsang also assisted the IEC Boardwalk JV in studying the range of plans and applications for MDN submitted by its marine consultant. The project aims to construct a boardwalk beneath the Island Eastern Corridor to enhance connectivity of the harbourfront area of the Victoria Harbour.


[Marine Traffic Impact Assessment] AMC-PolyU JV, Marine Consultant - appointed by the Tourism Commission (TC) for the Consultancy Study on Marine Traffic Impact Assessment for Ocean-Going Vessels (OGVs) Transiting through the Central Fairway (Jul 2022 - present)

Captain Tsang will act as the Consultancy Team Leader, while Captain Cheng will take on the role of the Principal Marine Consultant in the joint venture between AMC and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The JV will conduct extensive research on the traffic environment, infrastructure, legal restrictions, and navigational controls of the Central and surrounding Fairways. AMC will also conduct consultations with relevant stakeholders to assess the feasibility and impacts of permitting OGVs, cruise ships in particular, to transit through Victoria Harbour.






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